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New Jersey

New Jersey is one of fifty states that, together with Washington D. C., form the United States of America. Its capital is Trenton and its most populous city, Newark. It is located in the Northeast region of the country, Middle Atlantic Division, bounded on the north by the state of New York, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, on the southwest by the Delaware Bay that separates it from Delaware, and on the west by the Delaware River that separates him from Pennsylvania. At 22,588 km² it is the fourth least extensive state - ahead of Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island, the least extensive - and with 389.23 inhabitants / km², the most densely populated.

It was the third admitted to the Union, on December 18,1787. It is found mainly within the extensive metropolitan areas of New York and Philadelphia. The economy of New Jersey depends mainly on its manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry and the provision of transportation services. It is one of the most industrialized states in the country. Products manufactured in the state, as well as other products produced in neighboring states, are exported through the ports along the Hudson and Delaware rivers. New Jersey is also one of the national leaders in the production of chemical products. For the year 2011 it was the third richest state in the country in average income per household. Tourism is also one of the main sources of income in the state.

The main tourist attractions are its numerous beaches located in relatively sparsely populated regions. In addition to this by its numerous gardens and parks the state is nicknamed The Garden State. More than a hundred battles and confrontations between US troops and British troops were carried out in New Jersey. The most famous of these occurred on December 26,1776, when George Washington made his famous crossing of the Delaware River during the Battle of Trenton. After the independence of the United States, New Jersey was the third state to ratify the Constitution, on December 18,1787.