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Barrigada is a municipality in the center of the island of Guam. A large residential municipality, its largest city is located south of the Guam International Airport near the intersection of highways 8,10 and 16. The eastern community known as Barrigada Heights is considered one of the best neighborhoods on the island., where the residences have magnificent views, seeing from them almost all of Guam including the airport and hotels in Tumon Bay. From August 2 to August 4,1944, American Marines entered into combat with Japanese soldiers in this area during the Battle of Guam in World War II. When the Japanese line collapsed the Americans pushed them northward, winning the battle.

In recent times, the three main highways in Barrigada have been renamed in honor of the United States Army. Route 8 is called "Purple Heart Memorial Highway." The 10 is called "Vietnam Veterans Highway". And the 16th is called "Army Drive".