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Koror is the largest state of Palau. It consists of several islands, the most important being the island of Koror where most of the population resides. The state has an area of ​​18 km² and a population of 12,676 people in 2005, representing about 65% of the country's population. The state capital is the city of Koror and is the most populous city in the country. It has a population of 11,200 people and was the capital of the country until August 2006, when it was replaced by the city of Ngerulmud. The state is divided administratively into thirteen villages:. Madalai,. Ngerchemai,. Ngerbeched,. Ngermid,. Meyuns,. Iebukel,. Ngerkesoaol,. Yo hice,. Meketii,. Ikelau,. Ngerkebesang,. Eang and.

Dngerongel The island of Koror is connected by bridges to two neighboring islands :. Ngerekebesang, where is the second most populated city, Meyuns, with 1,200 inhabitants. Malakal, where the port of Koror is located. The island of Koror is also connected by bridge to the island of Babeldaob in the state of Airai, where the Koror Airport is located. It has 22 tourist hotels and 8 motels. The state of Koror administers as an incorporated area to the Chelbacheb Islands, in one of which is located the so-called Lake of the Jellyfish. It was the city that hosted the friendly soccer tournament of the 1998 Micronesian Games.