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Region of Magallanes

The region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, also called simply the Magallanes region, is one of the sixteen regions into which Chile is divided. Its capital and urban center with the largest population is Punta Arenas. It is located in the southernmost part of the South American continent, in the southern part of Patagonia, it borders on the north with the Aysén region, on the east with Argentina, on the south with the south pole or with the Drake passage, if it is the territories under effective sovereignty and to the west with the South Pacific Ocean.

Its population is of 164 661 inhabitants in 2015, being the second less populated region of the country and with an extension of 132 297 km ², is the one that counts on a greater territorial surface. The region as of 2017 has its own schedule, which maintains the continental Chilean summer schedule throughout the year. It is composed of four provinces: Chilean Antarctica, Magallanes, Tierra del Fuego, and Última Esperanza. The region of Magallanes and the Chilean Antarctic is composed of two zones. The continental zone has an area of ​​132 297 km² and it inhabits almost the entire population. This area is separated by the Drake Passage of the Chilean Antarctic Territory, delimited by meridians 90 º and 53 º west longitude, the parallel 60 º S and the South Pole, which is officially considered as the southern limit of the country.

With an area of ​​1 250 257.6 km², the Antarctic Territory is a claim made by the Chilean Government since 1940 and is subordinated to the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty, being suspended indefinitely as well as the claims of other signatory countries.