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Tuamasaga is a district of Samoa, with a population of 83,191 inhabitants. It is located in the center of Upolu. The total area of ​​the district is 479 square kilometers. The supreme title of Tuamasaga is the title of Malietoa. The nine major speakers of Malie play a leading role in the election of the title "Holder of Malietoa". Since the Aiga-yo-le-Tai district and the Fa'asaleleaga district are two dominant balances of the Aiga SaMalietoa, Malie must consult with Manono and Safotulafai in the Malietoa election. Once a decision is made, the village of Afega, through the chiefs Fata and Maulolo, should lead the process of the concession on behalf of the FaleTuamasaga.

Historically, the FaleTuamasaga is in Afega in times of war, while it is in Malie in times of peace. Given the administrative roles that the chiefs of Afega, Fata, Maulolo, and Tuisamau consider, Afega the capital of the district, and the main place for which the Fale Tuamasaga is located. Malie is considered the district and the national capital for the Malietoa clan. In this district is the capital city of Samoa, Apia. It also has, within the capital, the parliament and the Port of Apia.