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Aguascalientes pronunciation, officially called the Free and Sovereign State of Aguascalientes, is one of the thirty-one states that, together with Mexico City, make up the United Mexican States. Its capital and most populated city is Aguascalientes. It is located in the center of the country. It borders to the north, west and east with Zacatecas and to the south with Jalisco. It has a territory of 5,618 km². It is the third least extensive state, with 0.3% of the total area of ​​the country. It is divided into 11 municipalities. It has a population of 1,513,544 hab. It is the sixth least populated state and the fourth most densely populated with 210.93 hab / km².

It has a metropolitan area: the metropolitan area of ​​Aguascalientes. The first human presence in the territory dates from 20000 a. C. Later, the Chichimec civilizations inhabited. The first attempt of Spanish conquest dates from 1531. In the Viceroyalty of New Spain the current territory that forms Aguascalientes belonged to the Province of Zacatecas. After the Independence of Mexico, on May 23,1835 the Territory of Aguascalientes was created separating it from the State of Zacatecas and on February 5,1857, with the promulgation of the Constitution of 1857 it was elevated to a federative entity as the twenty-fourth state of the federation In addition to Aguascalientes, other important cities are: Calvillo, Rincón de Romos, San José de Gracia, Real de Asientos, San Francisco de los Romo and Tepezalá.

Its Human Development Index is 0.760, considered high. It is the ninth state with the highest IDH. In addition, its nominal GDP is $ 169,885 / inhabitant, being the eighth state with the lowest nominal GDP and its GDP per capita is $ 130,102 / inhabitant, being the tenth state with the highest GDP per capita. As proof of its cultural importance at an international level, it houses one of thirty-five places considered World Heritage Sites by UNESCO: the sites of Antigua Hacienda de Peñuelas, the former Hacienda de Cieneguilla, the historic site of the city of Aguascalientes and the former Hacienda de Pabellón of Hidalgo, the four belonging to the heritage of the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro.

The name "Aguascalientes" is due to its homonymous capital, named for the thermal waters that the first Spanish settlers discovered in the area.