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Pando is one of the nine departments that make up the Plurinational State of Bolivia. Its capital is Cobija. It is located in the extreme northwest of the country, bordering Brazil to the north, Beni and La Paz to the south, and Peru to the west. The department has a population of 110,436 inhabitants according to the official census of 2012. At a national level, Pando is the least populated department of Bolivia, has a density of 1.7 inhabitants / km².

The department was created on September 24,1938 during the government of President Germán Busch Becerra in fair recognition and tribute to former President Jose Manuel Pando who was one of the first Bolivian explorers to venture at the time in the so-called "National Territory of colonies". According to official data from the National Institute of Statistics of Bolivia, in 2016 the economy of the entire Department of Pando reached US $ 309 million dollars, which represents 0.91% of the Total Economy of Bolivia. In terms of per capita income, the department closed 2016 with US $ 2,307 on average for each Pandino. Pando has a mostly flat relief and has an average altitude of 280 meters above sea level. It has a tropical climate and is covered by the jungle of the Amazon and crossed by innumerable rivers. Low soils are characterized by frequent floods that affect a large part of the land for several months of the year.

Most of the communications are terrestrial, they are used only during the dry period, while during the rainy period the transport to this department must be done by air, or to a lesser degree by waterways. The department of Pando is made up of 5 provinces, which are: Province of Nicolás Suárez, Province of Manuripi, Province of Madre de Dios, Province of Federico Román and Province of Abuná, which in turn are divided into municipalities. The department is divided into 15 municipalities. Its capital is Cobija which has about 65,000 inhabitants.