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The Region of Aysén of General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo is one of the sixteen regions in which the Republic of Chile is divided. Its capital is Coyhaique. Located in the Chilean Patagonia, it borders on the north with the Los Lagos region, on the east with Argentina, on the south with the Magallanes region and on the Chilean Antarctic and on the west with the Pacific Ocean. With 108 328 habs. In 2015 it is the least populated region of the country, and with 108,494 km², the third most extensive, behind Magallanes and Antofagasta. Administratively, the region is composed of the provinces of Aysén, Capitán Prat, Coyhaique, General Carrera, which together have 10 communes.

The regional capital and main city is Coyhaique, while Puerto Aysén is the second city in importance.