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The Region of Antofagasta is one of the sixteen regions into which Chile is divided. Its capital is the homonymous Antofagasta. Located in the far north of the country -large north-, it borders on the north with the Tarapacá Region, on the northeast with Bolivia to the Cerro Zapaleri border, where its border with Argentina begins, on the south with the Atacama Region and on the west with the Pacific Ocean. It has an area of ​​126 049.1 km² and a population according to the INE of 607 534 inhabitants in 2017. The region is composed of the provinces of Antofagasta, El Loa and Tocopilla. The region has the highest per capita GDP in the country, exceeding USD 25 000.

Its main urban center is the city of Antofagasta with 361,873 inhabitants, followed in second place by Calama with 165,731 inhabitants according to the Chilean Census of 2017.