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The Atacama Region is one of the sixteen regions in which Chile is divided. Its capital is Copiapó. Located in the north of the country -norte chico-, it borders on the north with the Region of Antofagasta, on the east with Argentina, on the south with the Region of Coquimbo and on the west with the Pacific Ocean. With 286 168 rooms. In 2017 it is the fourth least populated region in the country - ahead of Arica and Parinacota, Magallanes and Aysén, the least populated, and with 75 176 km², the fourth most extensive, behind Magallanes, Antofagasta and Aysén.

It is composed of the provinces of Chañaral, Copiapó and Huasco, and the regional capital is the city of Copiapó, located 806 km north of the national capital, Santiago de Chile. The main urban center of the region is the Copiapó-Tierra Amarilla Conurbation with 167 956 inhabitants, followed by Vallenar with 51 917 inhabitants according to the Chilean Census of 2017.