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The Indigenous State of Amazonas is one of the twenty-three states that, together with the Capital District and the Federal Dependencies, make up the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Its capital, Puerto Ayacucho, concentrates 63% of the total population. It is located in the south of the country, in the Guayana region, bounded on the north by the Bolívar State, on the northwest by the Apure State on a small line at the confluence of the Meta river, on the east and south by Brazil through the watershed of the basins of the Orinoco and Amazon, and to the west with Colombia mostly using the Atabapo, Orinoco and Negro rivers as borders.

With an estimated 190,000 inhabitants, it is the least populated state, with an area of ​​177,617 km2, the second most extensive state, and with 1 inhab / km², which has the lowest population density. It is composed of 7 municipalities and 23 parishes. Its main towns apart from the capital are: La Esmeralda, San Fernando de Atabapo and San Carlos de Río Negro.