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Limón is a province of Costa Rica, in the extreme east of the country. It borders on the north with the Republic of Nicaragua, on the northeast with the Caribbean Sea, on the west with Heredia, Cartago and San José, on the southwest with Puntarenas and on the southeast with Panama. Limón is marked by a great cultural diversity: with a predominantly Afro-descendant ethnic population and with important features of the Costa Rican indigenous culture, Afro-Caribbean, white and Chinese, each group brings its own style to the area. It is one of the areas where more cultures converge in the country. It is located about 163 km from San José.

To the south of the province, in the Cordillera de Talamanca are the highest peaks of the country, among which stands out the Chirripó hill, the highest point of the Costa Rican geography at 3,820 m above sea level. The hydrographic system formed by the Reventazón River and the Parismina River is the most important of the Caribbean riparian. It has a torrid climate with an average annual temperature of 25.5º C. The historical temperature marks in Limón are 11°C and 35°C. The average annual rainfall is 4,100 mm, the highest in Costa Rica. The province of Limón has the main Costa Rican ports of foreign trade in the Caribbean Sea, located in Puerto Limón and Moín. It has extensive banana plantations, the main export agricultural product of the country, in addition cocoa and African palm is cultivated, and the breeding of cattle is developed. In Limón is the main oil refinery in the country.

It is also one of the main tourist destinations of the nation, since there are four national parks.