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San Miguel

San Miguel is a department of El Salvador. Its departmental capital is San Miguel, a city located 138 km from San Salvador. It limits to the North with the Republic of Honduras. To the east with the departments of Morazán and La Unión. To the West with the departments of Cabañas and Usulután. And to the South with the Pacific Ocean. It covers an area of ​​2,077.1 km² and has a population that exceeds 480,000 inhabitants. It was declared a department on June 12,1824. Originally, the department of San Miguel, encompassed all the territory that today forms the Eastern Zone of El Salvador, with the Lempa River as its western border. To the north and east it was limited to Honduras.

To the southeast with the Gulf of Fonseca. And to the south it bounded with the Pacific Ocean. But at the end of the 19th century, San Salvador divided the territory into the current four departments with the aim of limiting the influence of the city of San Miguel on national interests. Certainly, the decrees creating the eastern departments make this fact explicit.