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Saint George Gingerland

The Parish of Saint George Gingerland, also known as St. George's Gingerland, is a parish in the southeast of the island of Nieves. It is one of 5 parishes on the island. These 5 parishes, together with the 9 parishes of St. Kitts, make up the 14 administrative parishes of the federation of the two islands of San Cristóbal and Nevis. It has a population of 2568 inhabitants in an area of ​​18 km², so its density is 142.67 people per square kilometer. Its capital is Market Shop. It is commonly named as Gingerland, due to the abundant ginger harvest found there. The Anglican Church is located within the main village, Market Shop. Gingerland also covers other villages: Chicken Stone, Zetlands and Zion.

Gingerland is one of the most inhabited parishes in Nevis, especially because the higher lands have fertile soil and constant rainfall. Many of the villages are located at an altitude of more than 300 meters. Gingerland supplies most of Nevis with fruits and vegetables. The farms are small, where the crops are used for consumption by their owners and, to a lesser extent, for sale. Cattle include sheep and goats, which roam and graze freely, as do pigs, cows and horses. On the coast around the Indian Castle, fishing is economically important. The tracks for horse races are located near the Cliff Red Cliff. Horse racing is a frequent event on this island. Tourism is the other important industry in Gingerland. Major hotels such as Old Manor and Golden Rock Estate were originally sugarcane plantations.