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Saint John Figtree

Saint John Figtree is one of the 5 administrative parishes that make up the island of Nevis, and which are alternately part of the 14 parishes within the federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The capital of the parish is Church Ground. The parish has an area of ​​twenty-two square kilometers and a population of 2922 people, which gives a density of 132.82 inhabitants per km². Bath village is at the northwest end of this parish, just south of Charlestown. Nearby is the Bath Hotel, which is now a lot of government offices, but it was the first tourist hotel and spa in the West Indies. Also nearby is the government house.

Other villages within this parish are: Brown Hill, Prospect, Pembroke, Fig Tree, Brown Pasture, Cole Hill, Beach Road, and Pond Hill. The Botanical Garden of Nevis is located in the center of the parish, as is the Montpelier Plantation Inn. In the southern sector of the parish is the Nevis Deep Water Port. The most coastal part of this parish consists of small cliffs and small beaches, many of which are not easily accessible.