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  1. Chats in George Town

Exuma is a district of the Bahamas, consisting of more than 360 islands. The largest of the cays is Great Exuma, which is 37 miles in length. The largest city in the district is George Town, founded in 1793 and located in Great Exuma. The Tropic of Cancer goes through the city. The entire chain of islands is 130 miles long and 27 square miles. Exuma was colonized around 1783 by loyal North Americans fleeing the Revolutionary War of Independence. The expatriates created a cotton plantation for the economy of the islands. George Town was named in honor of George III, to whom the settlers maintained their allegiance.

Rolle Lord John, one of the main settlements of the time in the Exumas, is a great figure in the islands considered heritage. Upon his death in 1835, he granted all his most important lands in Exuma to his slaves. As a result, a number of cities in Great Exuma have been named in his honor. The islands are a popular place for sailing, scuba diving on coral reefs and exploring caverns. Many of the beaches and islands, including extensive reef areas on the high seas, are included in the Exuma Protected Lands. Some of the islands on which there are permanent residents and resorts include Cayo Staniel, Aves Cay, Musha Cay and Cayo Iguana. The Thunderball Grotto, located a few hundred meters outside of Staniel Cay, is where the James Bond movie Thunderball was filmed.

Sandy Cay, fenced in a short boat ride from Exuma was the location used for filming several scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean and a Shell commercial.