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Peravia is one of the 32 provinces of the Dominican Republic. Before 2002 it included the current province of San José de Ocoa. Until a few years ago many maps and statistics referred to the oldest and largest province of Peravia. The Peravia province is located at the coordinates are 18º 30 'north latitude and 70º 27' west longitude, south of the Dominican Republic in the sub-region of Valdesia, bounded on the north by the Province of San José de Ocoa, on the east by San Cristóbal, to the west with Azua and to the south with the Caribbean Sea where the Bay of Las Calderas is located.

In the Province is the Llano de Baní to the south of the Cordillera Central, where the provincial capital Baní is located. At present it has an area corresponding to 792.33 square kilometers.