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Hermanas Mirabal

Hermanas Mirabal is one of the 32 provinces of the Dominican Republic located in the center-north of the country. It limits to the north and the west with the Espaillat province, to the east with the Duarte province and to the south with the La Vega. It has Salcedo as the head town and Villa Tapia as the provincial economic capital. It was created, under the name of Salcedo, on March 3,1952, entering into force on August 16 of the same year.

In November 2007 the name was changed to the present one of Hermanas Mirabal in honor of the sisters Patria, Minerva and María Teresa Mirabal, natives of the town of Ojo de Agua, Salcedo, who were brutally murdered on November 25,1960 by representatives of the tyranny of Trujillo. Thanks to their courage, the Mirabal Sisters have received international recognition and every November 25 the International Day of Nonviolence against Women is commemorated.