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Oshikoto is one of the fourteen regions of Namibia. The northern part of the region is agricultural, while the main economic activity in the south is cattle raising and mining. The two zones have important cultural and historical ties in which the Ndonga people extracted copper in Tsumeb from antiquity to make rings and tools. The Omahangu or pearl millet is the main crop in the north, while cattle breeding is located in the Mangetti and in the Tsumeb district. Although the Tsumeb mine has only a limited period of exploitation it can together with the industries and support services stimulate the communal areas of the region.

The communications are good in a good part of the region: a paved trunk route crosses the region, uniting it with the south and north of the country. The national microwave network ends in Tsumeb, but telecommunications is carried to as far away as Oshakati by means of the new fiber optic cable. The population of the region has grown significantly in recent years, partly as a result of redistribution within the Oshiwambo language area. Apart from Tsumeb and Oniipa people have settled in along the trunk route, sometimes forming concentrations of a certain density. Oshikoto is one of only three regions that do not have a coast or border with other countries. It limits with the following regions :. Ohangwena - north. West Kavango - east. Otjozondjupa - southeast Kunene - southwest. Oshana - west.