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Ohangwena is one of the fourteen regions of Namibia. The northern and western parts of the region are the most densely populated of this essentially subsistence agricultural region in which small-scale cultivation of mahangu or pearl millet and livestock care are the predominant activities. Although the region depends for its agriculture on rainfall, other crops can be implemented under intensive cultivation. It has an area of ​​10,582 km², which in terms of extension is similar to that of Lebanon. The main establishments in the region extend over the good paved road from the Angolan border to Ondangua, where this joins the Oshakati-Tsumeb trunk route.

The eastern part of the region has good pasture land, but the scarcity of water and poor communications make it uninhabitable today. There is a reasonable gravel road from Oshikango to Okongo, and if a junction of the road linking the region to Rundu was built, it would greatly increase the agricultural potential of the area. In the north, Ohangwena borders Angola: the Cunene Province, except a small border boundary with the Province Cuando Cubango in the far northeast. In the country, it borders the following regions: West Kavango - east. Oshikoto - south. Oshana - towards the southwest. Omusati - this one.