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The Principality of Asturias is a uniprovincial autonomous community of northwestern Spain, with a population of 1,028,244 inhabitants, bathed to the north by the waters of the Cantabrian Sea, bounded on the west by the province of Lugo, on the south by the province of León and to the east with Cantabria. It receives the name of Principality for historical reasons, when holding the heir of the Crown of Spain the nobiliary title of "Prince of Asturias", established by Juan I of Castile in the year 1388. Its capital is the city of Oviedo, while Gijón It is its most populated city. The current Asturian territorial space coincides basically with the old territory of Asturias Asturias, adjacent to the Asturias de Santillana.

With the territorial division of Javier de Burgos in 1833, the Asturias region of Oviedo became the province of Oviedo, receiving a portion of the territory of Asturias de Santillana -the councils of Peñamellera Alta, Peñamellera Baja and Ribadedeva-, while the rest of them was integrated in the province of Santander, later autonomous community of Cantabria. The Principality of Asturias according to its Statute of Autonomy is considered as a historic community in its article 1. It has a legislative assembly called the General Assembly of the Principality, in memory of an old medieval institution representing the councils before the Crown. Partly also, with the nuclear zone of the old Kingdom of Asturias of the year 718 and has two languages: the Asturian or Bable, of the Asturian linguistic trunk, which even though it is not considered an official language, it has a legal status similar to that of officialdom and eonaviego or gallego-asturiano, of the Galician-Portuguese linguistic trunk, spoken in the councils of the western end and that enjoys a similar status.