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Ceuta is a Spanish autonomous city, located on the Tingitana peninsula, on the African shore of the Strait of Gibraltar, at the eastern mouth of the east. It contains, in turn, a small peninsula, known as Almina. It is surrounded to the north, east and south by the Mediterranean Sea. To the west and southwest, it borders a neutral zone that separates it from Morocco. Specifically, from the prefectures of Fahs Anjra and M'Diq-Fnideq, both belonging to the Tangier-Tetouan-Alhucemas region. As of January 1,2017, the population of Ceuta is 84 959 inhabitants., And the density of 4592.38 inhabitants / km².

Its territory occupies 18.5 km², where mainly citizens of Christian culture and Muslims coexist, although there is also a population of Jews and, to a lesser extent, Hindus. Urbanized areas are located on the isthmus and part of the Outer Field. The urban center and the oldest neighborhoods are located near the port and on the side of Mount Hacho. Thanks to its strategic location, the port of Ceuta has an important role in the passage of the strait, as well as in communications between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Due to the rugged orography and the scarcity of water, energy and raw materials, both the primary sector, with the exception of fishing, and the secondary sector have a small weight in the economy. Also, the construction sector is very restricted, due to the high cost of the land.

However, Ceuta has the status of free port and a series of tax advantages that favor trade. The city of Ceuta was constituted as an autonomous city in 1995, despite the fact that the Spanish Constitution of 1978 recognizes its right to become an Autonomous Community, in its Fifth Transitory Provision. However, at the level of higher education, depends on the University of Granada since the 1940s, judicially is attached to the demarcation of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla, based in Granada, and ecclesiastically is framed within the Diocese of Cádiz and Ceuta.