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The Western Region of Ghana includes the large city of Sekondi-Takoradi on the coast, the coastal area of ​​Axim and the mountainous area including Elubo, which reaches the border with the Ivory Coast in the west and the Central Region in the east. The region is the rainiest in the country, with green mountains and fertile soils. There are numerous gold mines of different sizes. Culture is dominated by the nzema branch of Akan culture. The main languages ​​are Fante, Nzema and English. The religion is predominantly Christian with traditional fetish cults. The main rivers are the Ankobra, the Pra to the east and the Tano that limits the region partially to the west.

There are an impressive number of Portuguese, Dutch, British and Scandinavian fortifications on the coast, built since 1512. It includes the western end of its coastline, Cabo Tres Puntos.