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The Province of Guadalcanal is one of the provinces of the Solomon Islands, mainly composed of the island of Guadalcanal. The island has a surface of 5.336 km ² and is constituted to a great extent by jungle. His name was given by Pedro de Ortega Valencia, born in the town of Guadalcanal, Seville, Spain. The capital of the country and largest city of the Solomon Islands, Honiara, is on the island. However, in July 1983 he was appointed a young 22-km² Capital Territory are administered separately-and is no longer considered part of the province. The population of the province is 93,613 people, not including the territory of the capital. The population of the island is 109,382. Honiara is the provincial capital.

This province and the Malaita province started using Korean hangul in October 2012 for the written form of their tribal language. The island became the scene of the Guadalcanal Campaign, important during the Second World War.