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  1. Chats in Sittwe

Rakáin, sometimes called Rakhine or Rajine is a state of Burma. Located on the west coast, it borders the Chin State to the north, the Magway Division, the Bago Division and the Ayeyarwady Division to the east, the Bay of Bengal to the west and the Chittagong Division, in Bangladesh to the northwest. The Arakan Roma mountain range, which rises to 3063 m from Victoria Peak, separates the Rakhine State from the rest of Burma. The surface of this state is 36 762 km² and its capital is Sittwe, formerly called Akyab. In 2000 it was estimated that the population was 2 744 000 inhabitants, basically of two ethnic groups: the Rakaines and the Bengalis.

The remaining ethnic groups are the mro, the khami, the Kaman Muslims, the Dienet, the Marmagri and some others. Most of the native population is Buddhist, with Islamism being the second religion. The flag of this state shows a Srivatsa symbol, which was the symbol of the Arakan people.