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Jersey, officially Bailía de Jersey, is a dependency of the British Crown located on the English Channel, specifically to the west of the Normandy coasts, France The territory comprises the island of Jersey and a series of uninhabited archipelagos such as Les Minquiers, Les Écréhous and Les Pierres de Lecq among others. Jersey is part of the archipelago of the Channel Islands, which is also part of the Guernsey bailiwick.

Although the island is not part of the United Kingdom, neither of the European Union nor of the European Economic Area, its international representation, defense and good governance are the responsibility of the Government of the United Kingdom, so it belongs to the Customs Union of the European Union, in accordance with Protocol 3 of the Law of Accession of the United Kingdom, for which it benefits from the free movement of industrial and agricultural goods. As a member of the Common Travel Area, the free movement of citizens of the European Economic Area is also permitted. It has a population of 97 857 people and the capital is Saint Helier. In the year 933, the island was annexed to the Duchy of Normandy. When in 1066 the Normans invaded England, Normandy and England were united under the same monarchy. During the Middle Ages, England lost many of its feudal possessions on the European continent but has retained its islands in the English Channel, including Jersey. Like the Isle of Guernsey and the other Channel Islands, Jersey's economy is based on financial services, tourism and agriculture.

The native population has French as its mother tongue, more precisely a subdialect of the Norman dialect. In this way the native population usually calls its island Jèrriais. But now we speak very little, since English is the most used language today. In the United States of America, the state of New Jersey, originally founded as an English colony before American independence, took its name from the island of Jersey.