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The Gambia, officially the Republic of the Gambia or the Republic of the Gambia and formerly the Islamic Republic of the Gambia, is a West African nation. It is entirely surrounded by Senegal, except at the mouth of the Gambia River in the Atlantic Ocean. Its capital is Banjul, although the largest city in the country is Serekunda. The country is located on the banks of the Gambia River, which gives its name to the country, and which runs through the center of it with its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean. The country has 10 300 km² of surface and an estimated population of 1.7 million people.

The Gambia shares with the rest of West African nations a past associated with the slave market, which was the key factor for the location and maintenance of a colony on the Gambia River, first maintained by the Portuguese and later by the British Empire. On February 18,1965, Gambia achieved its independence from the United Kingdom and, on April 24,1970, it became a Republic within the Commonwealth of Nations. Since its independence for more than three decades, the Gambia was led in one way or another by Dawda Jawara, under a dominant party democratic government until Jawara was overthrown by a military coup in 1994. After the coup, he assumed the presidency of Yahya Jammeh, who would authoritatively rule the country until he was ousted from power after his surprise electoral defeat and the subsequent military intervention of ECOWAS after he refused to renounce the government. After the intervention, in January of 2017, the winner of the elections, Adama Barrow, assumed the presidency.

It is a country with very fertile lands that have turned agriculture into one of the key elements of its economy, along with fishing and tourism. Approximately one third of the population lives below the international poverty line. The Gambia has some of the lowest Human Development Index in the world. With 0,441 it is ranked 175 out of 188 countries.