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The State of Eritrea is a country located in the northeast of Africa. It limits the north and the west with Sudan. To the south with Ethiopia and Djibouti. The east of the country has an extensive coast with the Red Sea. Its name comes from the Greek «erythros», which means «red». It became independent in 1993 from Ethiopia, which makes it one of the youngest states in the world. Its capital and most populated city is Asmara. The kingdom of Aksum, which encompassed much of what constitutes Eritrea and northern Ethiopia, emerged in the first or second century AD and adopted Christianity shortly after the emergence of this religion.

In medieval times much of Eritrea falls under the dominion of the kingdom Medri Bahri, a part forms the Republic of Hamasien. The creation of modern Eritrea is the result of the incorporation of independent kingdoms and several vassal states of the Ethiopian Empire and the Ottoman Empire, which led to the formation of Italian Eritrea. In 1941 Eritrea was conquered by the British Empire in the framework of the East African campaign. In 1952 it was annexed to the Ethiopian Empire to constitute the Federation of Ethiopia and Eritrea. This forced union would lead to the war of independence of Eritrea, which concludes with the independence of the current Eritrea in 1993. Eritrea is a state of a single political party in which national elections have repeatedly been postponed.

According to Human Rights Watch, the human rights record of the Eritrean government is considered among the worst in the world. Compulsory military service requires long and indefinite recruitment periods, and causes some Eritreans to leave the country. Given that all local media are state-owned, Eritrea was also classified as having the least press freedom in the world's press freedom index.