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The Maldives - officially the Republic of Maldives - is a sovereign island country located in the Indian Ocean, whose form of government is the presidential republic. Its territory is organized on 26 atolls. The capital and, at the same time, the most populated city is Malé, with a population of 103 693 inhabitants. The country is constituted by some 1200 islands, of which 203 are inhabited. The territory is located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of Sri Lanka and 450 km from India. It has a tropical and humid climate with an approximate rainfall of 2000 mm per year. Islam, which was introduced in 1153, is the predominant and official religion. It was a Portuguese, Dutch and British colony.

In 1953 he tried to establish a republic, but a few months later the sultanate was reimposed. It obtained independence in 1965 and in 1968 the Republic was reinstated. It is the least populated country in Asia and the least populated among the Muslim countries. It is one of the smallest Asian countries both in terms of population and extension. With an average of 1.5 masl, it is also the lowest country in the world, which also has the lowest maximum altitude in the world, at 2.3 m, a characteristic that makes it particularly vulnerable to the rise of the sea ​​level.