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Browsers required for our ChatRoulette
Chrome Browser Firefox Browser

Our new ChatRoulette in HTML5 version needs that you access it with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (mandatorily), because these are the only browsers, at this time, supporting the WebRTC protocol, that connects users directly, and with a video and audio quality enhanced. Besides internet browsers Chrome or Firefox, you need to be in a Windows, Linux o Android environment..
If you have an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, Mac Book …), it's useless to install Google Chrome, it will not work due to limitations imposed by Apple on their devices to iOS. It is a limitation imposed by Apple, so today we can do nothing to offer ChatRoulette for iPhone users.

ChatRoulette for Android and desktop PC

Welcome to our new ChatRoulette for Android, offering a speed chat from the first second, meaning more time chatting and less waiting. As a new feature, we include the ability to connect to ChatRoulette all users of Android, supposing they're using Chrome or Firefox, This was previously not possible because we were using Flash Player, which is not available in Android, and is a significant improvement since now all Android users can connect to our ChatRoulette like the desktop users and this is a meeting point for both.
We have always sought quality in our chats and we have always intended that mobile users can access all our chats on the same conditions and ease that desktop users have. We do not like what happens in other versions of chats, where mobile and desktop versions are completely different and mobile users can not chat with users desktop and vice versa, because in most current chat systems are two different chat servers, and at the end, this creates a differentiation which prevents many users from meeting each other since they are not connected to the same chat server.
This is a pity, as much of the opportunity to chat with more users simultaneously is losen, so we have sorted it out this way, a new ChatRoulette that works in HTML5, which requires no additional plugin, and works great for mobile phone users as well as for desktop users. All users together in one videochat, with audio, video and text.
We regret that iPhone users can not enjoy our new Chatroulette, due to the requirements and limitations of Apple in its iOS operating system, which is very restrictive concerning WebRTC interoperability, which basically consists of a P2P connection between users, improving the speed of connections and the quality of audio and video in the videochat.
Do not expect Apple to change its so restrictive policies in the short term, because the event known as “Fappening“, theft of personal images on Apple's servers which occurred in 2014, does not help that Apple accept them improve their security policies and implement WebRTC protocols that can help improve communication among users. At the time that Apple change its policies for our ChatRoulette work on iPhone, ChatRoulette for iPhone will be ready in the shortest time possible.

Using our ChatRoulette?

The layout of our new ChatRoulette is very simple, but we are going to give a basic understanding of the operation of it, so there are no doubts.
ChatRoulette controls for Android
For mobile phones with Android or Android tablet users, if the resolution of the device is small, the mobile version of our ChatRoulette be displayed, consisting of a fully functional version that you need to press on “Options” to access the user panel where information and chat controls shown.
Mobile topBar

Our ChatRoulette's control panel is simple, and we have attached a small screen capture numbered to identify the different elements that compose it:
User Panel
  1. This is the user name which you are connected with currently..
  2. If this box appears, means that You have received new text messages from current user. You must click on the button “Open Text Chat” to activate the text chat window.
  3. This button activates the text chat option. It will open a new text chat window below the main videochat panel .
  4. This is the button to connect to a new random user.
  5. This is your username you have chosen to connect to chat and that users will see when connecting with you.

Rules for use and behavior in our ChatRoulette

This ChatRoulette is based on WebRTC, which is basically a P2P connection, this is user to user directly, without the intervention of external servers, therefore it is not moderated by the own limitation of this technology, we find it impossible to monitor connected users because we cannot connect with each user each time 24/7, limiting the time of chat users.
Therefore, Use our ChatRoulette with caution because you do not know who's on the other side of the camera. We also have to report that today it is possible for a user with access to your webcam to record your video streaming.
So logic tells us that Do nothing in our ChatRoulette you would not do in the real world, since you can be recorded.
Possible use of fake video signal
There are many online programs that fake the signal from a webcam, among the best known are Fake Webcam and ManyCam, which can be used to send a video signal previously recorded to make the person think he/she is chatting with Justin Bieber (although it seems that this is a joke, This had happened many times).

Following this, I will give some basic guidelines to make your experience the best it can in out ChatRoulette:
  • It is always preferable to use a webcam with high ambient light, so that other users can see you well.
  • Always be polite to people, as if ye may at school, institute, or work. There are people in the chat and therefore we must be polite with them.
  • If you want more success in ChatRoulette, sometimes is original to be dressed differently, wear a mask, a costumeAll kinds of original things that surely generate much laughter among users.
  • Try to engage in interesting conversations with people to know them better. VideoChat always helps, but do not forget that this is a fun way to meet new people and enrich your life with new friends.

The history of ChatRoulette.Com
ChatRoulette history goes back to 2009, when Andrey Ternovskiy, a young student of 17 years born in Moscow, had the idea of connecting people randomly by VideoChat.
ChatRoulette began operating in November 2009, only in a few months it had more than one million daily visitors, It is a curious phenomenon where people can connect their cameras and wait to see who's on the other side of the world with your WebCam. A little later, in February 2010, in QuieroChat.Com begin to offer ChatRoulette Alternative, for users worldwide, an independently developed version which was very successful, competing in the Hispanic world with Tipitty, also offered at that time ChatRoulette alternative to the Hispanic community.
Regarding the term “ChatRoulette”, there are discrepancies about the attribution of the phenomenon, since at that time, “Omegle”, other highly visited chat site, was offering the same service, although WebCam-less, so that the attribution of the invention of "Random Chat» Original to ChatRoulette remains in doubt, because there are sources that attribute to the original authorship to Omegle, while others attribute it to ChatRoulette. Omegle is being cited in history as the first chat site offering random chat, but because its so little catchy name, users not directly associated with the term Omegle to ChatRoulette, and the mnemonic advantage of the word "ChatRoulette», containing the definition of what was offered (A chat roulette, where users were such roulette) was clear a disadvantage for Omegle, that has remained as a quality random chat featuring an established and loyal user base today.